After six months of regular sessions, I have surpassed my goals of fitness and weight loss and have an improved ability to relax and live a happier, more productive life. Even with scoliosis and back injuries, new core strength and better posture through Pilates has eliminated my back pain. Friends and family are noticing the changes, too!
Virginia Sorisio Johnson, LCMT
Pure Pilates is a certified studio upholding the standards of Joseph Pilates and teaching the essence of his philosophy. Pure Pilates adheres to the ideological belief in providing guidance and nurturing to each and every student. Our goal is a sense of well being; in pursuit of this goal, every level of the human condition is addressed.

Our state of the art studio is fully equipped and offers Pilates Arc, Reformer, Tower, Cadillac, and Chair & Ladder Barrel to maximize your Pilates experience. We have a complete array of mat props to enhance your workout. Call today to reserve your spot and let our Body Arts and Science International certified trainers guide your fitness experience and help you achieve personal goals.